Most survival preppers do the bare minimum when it comes to preparing their food stores. They stock up here and there on extra cans of vegetables as well as some staples like flour, sugar, salt, etc.

But what they don't do is learn any of the skills necessary to weather an extremely long term survival event. once your food supplies run out, and you are forced to forage for food, grow your own food, and hunt food, how will you keep that food on hand?

You don't want to have to go out every day and look for a way to feed your family. For example, if you are able to hunt a deer, and you don't have a refrigerator or freezer to store it in after butchering, you don't want it to go to waste.

Therefore, use today to educate yourself about other food storage and preparation skills that could come in handy – in this case, turning meat into jerky products. If you are able to turn the meat into jerky, you could keep it on hand for a couple of years.

You'll also be growing your own food and also finding food out in the wild, so you don't want it to spoil quickly. You need to know how to dry foods such as fruit so that you can have it available to contribute to your caloric and nutritional needs overtime.

All of the vegetables that you are growing in your garden will also need to be stored safely so that they don't spoil and go to waste. Spend some time gathering the equipment and the knowledge necessary to can your food for a day when you can't simply go to the grocery store and purchase canned peas or carrots with convenience.

There are several other methods that you can learn how to use. For example, if you create or purchase a solar cooker, you can dehydrate your food and keep it preserved for a longer time.

You can also learn how to ferment certain foods, which is a healthy method of storing food that delivers different health benefits. Salting is another food preservation method that can come in handy in a survival situation.

Learning these skills is very important because if you do not know how to master them, you can potentially put yourself and your family at risk by serving them food that can seriously cause harm.

The way food is prepared for long term storage has to be done correctly, because if it is compromised in any way, not only is it a danger, but it is a waste of all of the effort you put into growing or harvesting that food.

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