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If you've ever watched the TV show, Survival, you know that making a fire is not as easy as it sounds. The contestants on this show are even given materials to work with and advanced notice that they will be on the show, and they still often fail to have the skills ready to create a fire.

This is a fundamental skill that you will need for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it can provide a cooking element so that you can not only cook the survival foods you have saved, but also any foods you have hunted or captured.

Another reason you want to make sure you know how to start a fire is that it can keep you warm during periods of cold weather, or even chilly nights. It can offer protection from some types of predators and also provide the light when you need it.

Today, you need to practice starting a fire with no materials as well as with some fire starting materials. If you have no matches or other fire starting products, you can use methods such as the hand drill.

This is a method that takes quite a long time, and patience. But if you get good at it, the process goes faster and you lessen your frustration because you know what to expect. Learn how to find the materials to use this method in the wild and then practice it until you achieve your goal.

You also want to practice using tools like flint and steel. These are small tools you can carry with you that won’t take up space or be too heavy. However, some people even struggle with this option, so practice it until you see a spark that ignites.

You may want to practice with a lens of some sort, like a magnifying glass or glasses that can use the power of the sun to hone in on one area until it lights into a fire. For this, you’ll need to have some sort of kindling to ignite with the lens.

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And even though it seems as if it would be the easiest method of all, practice starting a fire with matches. Sometimes, you may need to learn how to keep the wind at bay or which types of materials will easily light with a match.

If you use too little or the wrong types of materials, you may see an initial spark or flame that quickly goes out, which means you will have wasted one of your matches. Allow your family members to practice starting a fire as well.

You never know when or if you might be injured or absent from the group and they would have to know how to use this skill on their own. This will also give you the opportunity to teach safety measures regarding fire.

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