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For today's challenge task, I want you to think about how you would protect yourself and your family if you were being targeted by others. This may be other humans or even a predatory animal that could injure or kill you.

There are many different forms of self-defense and reasons why you would need it. Think about the reasons why you may need to defend yourself in a precarious survival situation.

Someone may be willing to attack you in order to get your supplies. They may try to access your home, take everything you have worked hard to accumulate for survival, and even harm a loved one for no reason.

You want to be able to defend yourself no matter what the reason. Start by analyzing the different types of weapons you have on hand to protect yourself. First and foremost, you want to analyze the defense mechanisms you have on your home – from a security system to additional locks, doors and windows that are not easily broken, etc.

You may also want to get a dog for protection for your family. Not only could it defend you in a survival event, but it could alert you to a prowler or predator that was nearby so that you could be prepared quicker.

Look at all of the defense tools you have on hand and consider whether or not yourself and all of your loved ones know how to use them. Some people purchase a knife or a gun but aren't well versed in the use of them, or the safety involved.

Not only do you want to make sure you have tools on hand to defend your family and your belongings, but you have to take time to learn how to use things strategically if a weapon is not nearby.

For example, while it might be nice to have a gun, knife, taser, or baseball bat – those options may be out of reach and all you have near you are the clothes on your back. You could learn how to take your leather belt and use it to restrain or lash out at and intruder.

Sometimes, you won't even be wearing anything that could be considered protective, and you will have to engage in hand to hand combat. There are many different forms that you can study and master over time.

You can even get small children involved so that they are able to protect themselves from those who are bigger than them in the event it was necessary. Self-defense skills are something you will want to practice and grow as time goes on so that you have the ability to survive any type of situation.

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