5 Long-Term Survival Food Options

When a survival situation occurs, you won’t make it unless you have supplies. While you can do without electricity and certain creature comforts, doing without food is simply not an option for months or years.

With all the uncertainty that’s going on in today’s world, you can’t count on being able to buy what you need. That’s why it’s important that you figure out what it’s going to take to feed you and your loved ones for months or years – and you make that supply a priority.

There are many different brands who cater to the long-term food needs of individuals and families. Some sell buckets of food, packets, ingredients you’ll need to make your own dishes and more.

Let’s take a look at several of the most popular survival food brands and what they have to offer…

PT.1 Augason Farms Survival Foods

Part of planning your long-term survival food stores means that you have to figure out how much of the supply you need. Obviously, you’re going to need more for a family or a couple than you would for one person.

You’ll want to calculate this according to time by the number of people you’re going to be feeding. Break this down by weeks, months or years. For one person with canned foods, a good estimate is to figure around 310 quarts for a year.

So if you’re breaking that down on a month to month supply, then you divide that amount by 12. You can use an online food storage calculator to figure out how much food you need in each category – ranging from meat to dairy to grains and so on.

Augason Farms has a good selection of survival foods. Their popular 30 day, 1 person container has oatmeal, mashed potatoes, rice, soup, and mac and cheese. So if you get one of these, then that’s 30 days’ worth of food taken care of for one individual.

You can purchase in a four month supply if you want to and what you get is over 1,000 servings of food. But if you want to buy by the serving size rather than in one person size, then you can with the Lunch & Dinner pail.

This one yields 92 servings of food. It contains items like pasta dishes, such as stroganoff and mac and cheese. But you also get a selection of soups as well as pudding.

You don’t just have to stick with main dishes when ordering an emergency long term food supply. This company also sells the foods by category. For example, you need to make sure that you stock up on fruits and vegetables because of the vitamins and minerals these foods have.

These foods can make sure you’re getting your daily recommended amount so that your immune system stays in good working order. The company has a combo offer, which features a bucket of fruit and one for vegetables.

In the fruits, you get six different varieties and in the vegetable container, you get a selection of seven choices. Both of those containers also have bonus items for the buyer.

Some items can be purchased individually such as rice, beans, and a variety of grains.

You’ll need to be sure that you stock up on your dairy food items. You can find these in powdered form.

For example, the company sells powdered milk. Once you mix it, you can use it just like you would the fresh version. You can also get containers of butter powder as well as dried whole egg powder and you would use those food items like you would the fresh version.


PT.2 Readywise Emergency Food Supplies

Having the supplies on hand that you need during a survival situation can help you feel in control when your environment is upside down. Not only is stocking up good for your physical health because it meets your nutritional needs, but it’s also good for your emotional health because it can help calm your anxieties in the event of food scarcity.

Readywise offers a two bucket deal that’s perfect for couples and ensures that the 1,800 calorie a day requirement is met. It’s important that you get the right number of calories as well as vitamins and minerals in your emergency food.

You’ll be more physically active in the event that you’ve lost electricity or other comforts.

Without access to gas for your vehicle, you’ll be doing a lot more walking or riding a bicycle to get to and from the places you need to go.

In the two bucket deal, you get things like cereal, pancakes, beans, dried fruit, rice, pasta soup and even a milk alternative. So these buckets can feed you what you need for each meal of the day.

Each bucket is good for 30 days’ worth of food. There’s also a meat bucket option. This freeze-dried meat container holds 60 servings of a variety of meat. You get roast beef, teriyaki chicken, southwest chicken, cheesy beef and 20 servings of freeze-dried rice as a bonus.

If you’re looking for something with a lot of servings in addition to variety, Readywise offers their 124 serving pack. This pack can last for about two and a half decades in storage.

The pack contains food items that can work for all three of your meals. So in one container, you get breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also get beverages like whey milk alternative and an orange drink mix.

This choice also includes dessert and freeze-dried fruit. When looking at your buying options, it’s important that you figure in all of your nutritional needs because if you don’t, it affects your health.

For example, a lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy. You can also develop anaemia or major health issues such as heart problems. You don’t have to buy the buckets with the meals if you don’t want to.

You can supplement food items that you may already have. So if you have plenty of meat items stored away, then you might want to concentrate on getting other items, such as your fruits and vegetables.

The company offers a selection of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable kits that contain 120 servings. In this package, you’ll get a selection of 3 different types of vegetables, which are corn, peas and broccoli.

The fruits that you get are freeze-dried strawberries and freeze-dried bananas. Because this pack has a 20 year shelf life, it’ll keep for awhile. If you’re on the fence about what choice to get for your long-term foods, the best bet is to buy some in each category – so you want your meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy items, beverages and desserts.


PT.3 Mountain House Survival Foods

One problem that you’ll run into with long term survival food storage is not stocking up on enough variety. Without variety, food boredom sets in, but you also run the risk of not getting enough of the right kinds of vitamins in your diet.

So while it’s important to stock up and buy these foods in bulk, it’s just as important that you have a lot of options to choose from. Mountain House Survival Foods brings a lot of different choices to the table.

Plus, many of their foods are gluten-free, so if you have someone with that allergy, they’ll also have plenty of meal options. This company has a 14-day supply that offers 84 servings and can be safely stored for up to 30 years.

The different meals that you get in this type of product can feed you for all three meals of the day. You’ll get breakfast foods, including four of the tasty biscuits and gravy. You’ll get stroganoff and macaroni and cheese.

Plus, you get chicken fried rice, and other chicken meals. You can buy the meals by specific meal choices that don’t include anything else if you prefer to stock up on individual foods.

This company offers a delicious yellow curry with chicken and rice. The meal includes vegetables such as zucchini and peas that help meet nutritional needs. Because the food doesn’t contain preservatives, it’s healthier for you.

You can buy this choice in six pack containers and each pack is good for one person for one meal. Sometimes when things are stressful, you just need some good comfort food. Mountain House offers that option, too – with their freeze-dried biscuits and gravy.

These are buttermilk biscuits with pork sausage gravy. Of course, you want plenty of variety when it comes to your main meals. The company offers top notch beef stroganoff.

You get the beef, noodles and mushrooms in their tasty sauce. This item will give you 10 servings. If you prefer the hearty taste of beef stew, you can have that, too. The company sells this in two serving packs, but you can buy bigger quantities if you want.

For example, it comes in a six-pouch pack featuring the beef and all the vegetables that go in the meal. They also have a choice of lasagne with meat sauce or Pad Thai with chicken.

For those looking to buy strictly breakfast food items, you don’t want to miss Mountain House’s breakfast skillet. You get scrambled eggs, along with hash browns and pork patties mixed with onions and peppers.

Or, you can buy their scrambled egg option that has ham instead. For bigger supply options, you can choose to get their essential bucket. This holds 22 servings of meal items for all three meals of the day – but there’s also the expedition bucket, which has 30 servings and you get foods that can be used for any meal.


PT.4 4Patriots Survival Foods

You want to ensure that your survival foods can last as long as possible. That means you want the foods to come from the company properly contained. The 4Patriots Survival Foods company packages their food items in bags designed to last and keep the food viable for years to come.

In addition to their eye toward product quality and packaging, they also make delicious food options. If you’re looking to quickly get your long term supply built, you can start by getting their 4-Week Survival kit.

This stash of freeze-dried food can last for 25 years. Plus, it boasts a healthy 196 servings. In the food choices that you get are items like oatmeal, stew and comfort foods, such as macaroni and cheese.

But you also get a rice and vegetable choice along with tasty buttermilk pancakes. Each one of these kits can supply a person with the daily calories they need. The company is based in America and the foods are created by people in the field of nutrition.

While you can get the larger kit if you’d like to, you can also break your choices down into individual ones. Some you can buy according to dietary preferences. For example, people who are vegetarians could get the black bean burger mix kit.

This kit has 48 servings. You can use it to make burgers that are as filling and tasty as meat burgers, but without all the fat content. Plus, you can use black beans to make other recipes.

They can be used in place of meat in any dish that calls for it. You’ll get a healthy dose of fibre, which is good for you, especially in the event things are chaotic and you’re experiencing digestion issues.

If you want to focus on just one meal, such as breakfast, then you can buy just breakfast items like their buttermilk pancake mix that yields 8 servings. One of their popular choices, which is often in high demand, is their Fruit, Veggie and Snack Emergency Supply kit.

This kit offers 120 servings and is viable for two and a half decades of shelf life. Because you need fruits and vegetables, this choice would be a good idea for your storage pantry.

It contains three types of fruits, which are blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. The vegetables that come in the kit are corn, broccoli and green beans. Plus, you get snack items like pudding and banana chips.

You may also want to get some of the company’s emergency food bars. These last for years and pack a whopping 3,600 calories. The supply can last for 3 days. It’s a good idea to have on hand in the event you’re frazzled, dealing with something stressful and you don’t have time to prepare any food.

These bars can help keep your energy up. Also, make sure you don’t forget to get the coffee if you’re a fan of that beverage. The company offers a supply of instant coffee known as Freedom Joe’s, made from Arabica beans that taste delicious.


PT.5 NutriStore Emergency Survival Food

One of the staples of your meals that you’ll want to have plenty of includes meat. Your body needs the protein found in meat. Plus, you need the iron and the B vitamins that meat contains.

NutriStore offers a huge selection of meat products. You can get their freeze-dried chicken, which delivers 20 servings in a gallon can and the meat will keep for a few decades.

But if you prefer beef, they offer freeze-dried ground beef that you can use to make burgers with or you can use in casseroles or soups. You can get the beef in their dice cut form, too.

For recipes that need cut beef such as beef stew, this is the kind you’ll want to have in the pantry. They also have sausage crumbles, and these can be used in omelettes, on a pizza or in any food dish that calls for sausage.

Pulled pork is also an option the company offers and can be used in a variety of ways – such as on buns or served alone with rice or noodles. You must have a daily supply of fruit and you want to get the freeze-dried kind that constitutes easily and still holds its taste.

That’s what you find in NutriStore’s fruit selection. You have the option to buy their raspberries. Or, you can get their bananas or apples. They also offer strawberries, peaches and even grapes.

Breakfast items can be purchased by gallon containers as well. You can find items like their popular strawberry cream of wheat. This meal will give you enough calories to give you energy – plus, it has good fibre content.

Vegetables are a must have as part of your survival foods. The company offers things like freeze-dried potatoes. They can be added to soup, cooked by themselves in a pot and more.

Like their other products, this item also has a 25 year storage life. Some of the other vegetables the company offers are squash, green peas and beans, broccoli, corn, and cauliflower.

They have a selection of dairy items, including cheeses such as pepper jack, mozzarella, and cheddar. If you want to buy meals, you can do that as well. They offer soups, pasta, and main entrees such as stroganoff and more.

For those who like to buy in bulk, you can get their freeze-dried vegetable variety bucket which contains enough of these foods to last for 30 days. Regardless of which brand you choose, make sure you have a well-rounded nutritional stock of meals on hand to feed your family during times of food scarcity.

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