Stocking up on survival foods is a wonderful endeavor to ensure your family has a good supply. However, you never know if you will have to leave your supplies behind at home or end or a long term survival situation that sees your supplies run out.

In these scenarios, it's important that you know how to hunt and fish so that you can continually have a source of food for you and your family. Foraging for food is only one half of the equation.

Eating weeds, berries, and nuts may not give you the energy, calories or nutritional needs that your body requires. Being able to consume protein can boost your health and energy levels when you need it most.

As it stands now, you most likely stock up on things like chicken, pork and beef at the store whenever you need it. You did not have to kill anything, or butcher it in order to feed your family.

That process can be unnerving for someone who has never done it before. It's important that you learn the skill of hunting, even if you don't want to hunt to on a regular basis at this point in time.

You want to learn how to hunt using firearms, as well as knives. You can also learn how to build a trap or snare so that you capture small game that way. If you are near a water source that contains fish, you will want to learn how to fish as well.

You want to learn using both traditional gear such as a fishing pole as well as doing everything from scratch without any man-made supplies. Some people choose to fashion a rudimentary fishing pole on their own while others get good at spear fishing or trapping fish.

Keep in mind that after you capture your food source, you will have to prepare it. That might include scanning or defeathering the meal before you cook it. You have to make sure that yourself and your family understand proper cooking techniques so that no one is consuming food that has been undercooked and could be considered dangerous.

Some of the things you might want to learn about, depending on what region you're in, are hunting birds and pigs, eating things such as snakes or lizards, trapping crustaceans, and even eating insects if there is nothing else to consume.

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