Modern-day life is about convenience and one-click services. Do you agree? There’s an app for everything. Hungry? There are delivery services at your fingertips. Need groceries to cook a meal? Save the effort of dropping by a store. A click does the job. Little do you realize that lazing around and sitting glued to your computer screens makes you a sloth.

Homesteading, on the contrary, keeps you busy with activities. There are a million chores to do and no apps to save you from slogging. Results? You achieve flourishing health. Forget about spending hundreds of dollars to join a health club. There’s hardly any room for anxiety or stress too. Homesteading keeps you super occupied. In short, homesteading contribute riches to good health.

Is homesteading a healthy lifestyle?

There are different reasons that prove that homesteading is a healthy lifestyle by all means. Your fitness sees a spike, your body feels better, and your mental health is befitted by large. Let’s see how homesteading rewards your health.

1. Organic, fresh produce in your system

What’s better than eating the food you grow? Since time is a real crunch in your bustling lives each day, the concept of eating out of a box has become the new normal. What’s the point of gorging down food that is a mix of ingredients you have no clue about? Whether the veggies are farm fresh or preserved using chemicals, is the chicken well fed or abused or inhumanely slaughtered. Questions are many and there’s hardly any answer when you choose to eat out of a box.

Homesteading introduces you to self-farming. You grow fresh produce from the scratch, raise livestock all by yourself, and practically keep an eye on every ingredient that you are eating. The perks of clean eating are not unknown. You contribute to your health in a ginormous way by eating fresh, and not out of a paper box.

2. Physical drills are basic in the life of a homesteader

Do you love getting your hands super dirty in the soil? Whether it is agriculture that interests you or animal husbandry, homesteading ensures that you are always on your toes. Most works of a homesteader are outdoor activities. You are sweating out in the sun, lifting weighty stuff, practicing farming, and wrapping a good number of regular homestead chores. Your body is pretty much in motion most of the time.

Another positive side of homesteading is a healthy routine you naturally adapt. You wake up in the wee hours, finish most of your work by the dusk, and snooze off early. This works wonders for your health. Regular chores are much more rewarding than intense exercises. Of course, you can stay away from piling those extra pounds and remain greatly active.

3. The dose of fresh air and sunshine

Working in fancy offices and staying in lavish homes deprive you of the bliss of fresh air. Inhaling fresh air has a lot of positive effects. It keeps stress at bay, helps you with pumped-up energy, and works like magic for your immune system. Sunlight is no different. Soaking up the sun rays ticks off the need for Vitamin D in your body. It helps fight depre4ssion, fatigue, and dementia. The best part – your bone strengthens when you are exposed to a good amount of sunlight each day. Why gulp down supplements when these are available for free? Homesteading allows you to use natural resources to your advantage and enjoy good health and wellness.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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