When you are a true homesteader, you will be engaging in activities such as mending and creating your own clothing as well as other items around your house, such as pillows, curtains, blankets, and more.

This helps you become self-sufficient, but you have to learn the skills involved in repairing and creating these items from scratch. You may want to learn how to sew, knit, quilt, crochet, spin, and weave so that you can have a well-rounded approach to your needs in this area.

Sewing is probably one of the most basic skills you will want to have period whether you are using a sewing machine or doing it by hand, you'll be able to repair fabric that has torn, refashion it so that it is larger or smaller for hand me downs or for growing children, and create things from scratch as well.

You can purchase patterns that you can keep on hand as part of your survival supplies so that you have the exact stitching instructions that you need to create more detailed pieces of clothing.

When it comes to the supplies you'll need, you may want to go ahead and stock up on a lot of sewing supplies, such as a variety of needles and fabrics, but you can also repurpose some of the existing clothing and fabric that you have on hand instead of purchasing new ones.

With sewing, not only can you create the clothing that your family will wear, but you can also create things like curtains, linen, purses and bags, and other items. Knitting and crocheting are other skills that go hand in hand with sewing, and it allows you to create more versatile products that your family needs.

These are perfect for winter months, when you need sweaters or scarves created from thicker yarns. You can also create nice, warm blankets and hats using these skills. Again, you may want to purchase some patterns ahead of time and start with some basic ones as you learn the skills before you move on to more complex patterns.

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In the beginning, you may want to source your own yarn from a store, but if you are raising sheep, you can use their wool to create your own items from material right on your homestead.

If you are going to use wool from your farm, you're going to need to know how to spin and weave the product into a usable fabric. Not only can you create clothing, but you'll be able to create blankets and towels as well.

You'll want to have a spinning wheel and a loom on your property. In addition to raising sheep, you can also raise alpacas for their wool or you can even grow cotton on your farm for additional fabric supplies.

Quilting will allow you to create gorgeous quilts you can fashion together and pass down from generation to generation. You might want to join a local quilting group to master this skill.

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