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There are hundreds of edible plants that would look perfectly lovely in a landscape, but some of them work better than others.  Many plants won’t look very good later in the season, for example. 

Some of them quickly turn dark and lose their leaves.  You want plants that taste great, but keep their appearance long enough to be a practical part of your landscape.  It’s no good to build plants that lose their looks in late summer into your landscape design!

Here’s a look at some of the best choices for edible plants for landscape design.  We’ll mostly be including plants that require minimal care and look attractive, while providing something very edible:

‘Golden Streaks’ is a variety of mustard that has heavily serrated leaves in a beautiful golden citron colour.  It has a very mild taste, slightly sweet.  This is a striking plant that has a wonderful flavour.

‘Hansel Hybrid’ eggplant is a stunning plant.  It has a two-foot-tall plant that produces huge clusters of fingerling eggplants in a delightful deep purple hue.

‘Pesto Perpetuo’ basil is a one to two foot basil plant with absolutely gorgeous variegated leaves.  The leaves are a rich green with a fringe of white.  It tastes like Greek basil, but the appearance is wonderful in a landscape!

three red tomatoes
Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

‘Purple Peacock’ broccoli is a hybrid cross between broccoli and two different types of kale.  It has a purple stem and loose, purple head. 

‘Violetta Hybrid’ pak choi is an amazing variety of this Chinese green.  It has lovely purple leaves that are packed with more nutrients than many other types of greens!

‘Red Popper’ is a type of miniature bell pepper.  The fruits are only about one to two inches in diameter and are very sweet and delicious.  You’ll love the way these bright red peppers look against the rich, green foliage!

‘Sweet Lace’ grapes are a small, patio-sized variety of grape.  They have very pretty leaves and produce pretty white grapes in September.  These can be grown in containers, and they can also be trellised easily.  They make a beautiful accent to a fence or wall.

selective focus photography of purple grape fruit
Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

‘Red Veined’ sorrel is a variety of this classic wild green.  It has light green leaves with a truly spectacular series of red veins all throughout.  The taste is very sharp, so it’s best in salads with mild greens.  This one is particularly striking in appearance.

‘Purple Mizuna’ is a fabulous type of greens.  They have a very tangy flavor, and grow very quickly.  Mizuna greens are already quite attractive, but this purple variety is particularly nice.

‘Mittistone’ is a summer-crisp lettuce of the loose-leaf variety.  The leaves are green with red speckles.  It is a sweet, crisp lettuce variety that tastes as amazing as it looks.  It matures quickly, and looks just as beautiful in your yard as it does in a salad bowl.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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