If there's one thing we need lots in a disaster or a crisis, it is food.

We stockpile, sure, but only to have it spoil because we didn't pay attention to expiration dates, and storage conditions…

What if you want a more food? … Enough food to feed your family for years to come?

A.k.a. for the LONG TERM?

A renewable food supply right in your backyard that's completely HIDDEN from thieves and hungry zombies?

NO DIGGING. Maybe only once in the beginning…

NO WATERING. The food forest will keep the soil moist…

NO WEEDING. Weeds are actually an essential part of the ecosystem!

Did I make you a little curious?

Check out this video presentation below, you'll LOVE it!

We stock, of course, but only for it to deteriorate, because we did not pay attention to the shelf life, and storage conditions… We also stock up on Ivermectin over the counter, since it may happen that there are not enough drugs of the corresponding direction.


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