There’s a myth going around that homesteading is expensive. Before explaining why it is a myth, it is worth using your smarts and get thinking. A homestead is supposed to help you save big money and adapt to a simple and minimal lifestyle, right? What good is it if you need to spend riches to start homesteading?

Doesn’t matter if you have acquired a huge chunk of land or not. Homesteading is not a hobby for the rich. You certainly don’t homestead for a few hours and switch back to hep and convenient lifestyle soon after. You are either in it or not. Staying off the grid is very much possible with less money and fewer resources. Let’s show you the ropes of starting homesteading cheap.

1. Be amiable and sociable

Starting out in a homestead is a lot easy when you have friends and acquaintances that like you. You can win great support when the rest of the world thinks you are insane. Ditching the comfort and convenience of the modern-day takes courage and a strong mindset.

Building a network with other homesteaders can help you with n number of answers. Before kicking off, you will want to know specifics about the laws around the place, the climate, the lives of people, and many more. Having friends who are already into homesteading will help you get a clear picture before you start.

Lastly, it is easier to partner with friendly homesteaders. It is a no-brainer that you cannot be a jack of all trades. If farming is your strength, animal husbandry might not be. Partnering up and trading your produce for some meat or poultry is a great idea. This is how homesteading really works. It is all about being and sharing in the community.

2. Start planting

Learning the knicks and knacks of gardening can help you by large. Doesn’t matter whether you have studied agriculture or not. You neither have to start big by investing in specialized soils, fancy seeds, and shovels. Start by playing with the soil and getting your hands deep down in mud and dirt. Sufficient sunlight and just enough watering can help your plants flourish and grow.

As for tools like shovels, start by borrowing from a friend. You are only experimenting. Investing heaps of money in the initial stage of farming is not worthy. It is okay if your fruits are not as luscious and juicy as your neighbor. You will get there by practicing harvesting and farming. Once you do, start making the necessary investments.

3. Learn about saving the produce

Little did you know that preserving vegetables, nuts, fruits, and meat are possible in a million different ways. Preservation of food items lessens the amount of wastage. Moreover, you can enjoy the flavors of your favorite fruits all across the year, regardless of the season.

You can pop your food in the cold storage, can them up, dehydrate, or simply free them for future use. The produce will not go bad if you preserve the food well.

Homesteading is not a side hustle. The lifestyle does not demand you to be filthy rich. Go ahead and associate with homesteaders. Know more about the lifestyle and understand whether you are a good fit before starting out.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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