The ongoing buzz about homesteading is real! Have you tried to dig in deep and find out more about homesteading? Words like “self-sufficiency” and “sustainability” must have popped repeatedly when you have searched about homesteading. While most of these are facts, there are several myths doing the rounds as well. Let’s look at a few.

Debunking the myths on homesteading

1. A homesteader needs acres and acres of land for starters – How true is that? It is a big fat lie. If you are up for it, you can start homesteading from anywhere.

2. Living conditions of homesteaders are rough – This is so untrue. Yes, most of your privileges are stripped off. Homesteading focuses on a simple and minimal lifestyle. You simply get rid of things that are unnecessary and add little to no value to your life. This cannot certainly be described as harsh living conditions.

3. Homesteaders do homeschooling and raise chickens – That’s not the only chore you will be dealing with when you are homesteading. The lifestyle does not deprive you of education. Animal husbandry, poultry farming, or farming in general – these are essential skills to help you survive and roll on with life.

Have you ever tried to count the perks of homesteading? There are reasons why this minimalist lifestyle is gaining so much popularity.

Advantages of homesteading

Grow the food you eat

As a modern city dweller, it is easy to understand why you are drawn to packaged foods and fast foods. There’s hardly a time in hand to cook a meal. Even if you cook, how often do you respect the ingredients you often spot in the stores, under one roof? Never!

Now think, what good is it doing to you? You are probably gulping down heaps of chemicals that are used in processing the food. Cherry on the cake – you are shelling out extra money for items that are labeled as organic. How do you know from where or how the produce has been stocked?

Homesteading gives you a fair shot at growing your own food. The benefits are monumental. You know what ingredients are going into your meal, how fresh and organic they are. Biting into healthy, delicious, cruelty-free, and naturally grown produce every day is good. The happiness of plucking out veggies you have grown, all by yourself is unreal.

Turn to a debt-free chapter in life

Homesteading teaches you how to relish the joys of life without spending a crazy amount of money. From constructing your dream house to farming produce for your meals, homesteading leaves very little room for unwanted expenditure. The skills you master saves you good money too. Think about it – your furniture needs an upgrade or the faucet needs a fix. You learn how to repair or craft new products. If not, you can always trade with another homesteader for services or produce. There’s no need to splurge.

Drive power from natural resources

Paying for swanky electricity bills burns a hole in the wallet. Does that mean you need to let go of electricity when you are homesteading? No! Instead, you start practicing ways to derive power from renewable sources. Solar panels for instance. Not only do you save big bucks, but you will never have to worry when the power goes out.

The minimalist approach to homesteading is a treat. So, yes, it is good to homestead for a better and healthy life.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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