How does it feel to snack on vegetables and salad leaves that are plucked straight from your very own garden? Happy and satisfied, right? This is the primary concept of homesteading.

There is something beautiful about planting a seed and watching it bloom. You certainly enjoy the process. What’s bigger is the connection you establish with the earth and the plant. Dropping by a store and fetching vegetables and fruits that are labeled organic is effortless. Can you be a hundred percent sure that the vegetables are harvested naturally, devoid of chemicals?

Farming is definitely a lot more labor-intensive. You need to prep the soil, select the seeds, proceed with a plant care routine in full swing, and wait before the fruits start sprouting. It is all worth the wait and effort when you reap a good number of self-grown organic produce. You know it is going to work wonders for your health.

Sustainable farming is fundamental in homesteading. After all, it is a lifestyle that propagates self-sufficiency and independence. Looking for more reasons? Think about the amount of money you can save when you grow produce for regular consumption. You can sell the surplus at the farmer’s market and make some money too. The perks of sustainable farming are many.

The not-so-common benefits of farming

Gardening or farming is a fun play. The thrill of watching the seedlings pop never gets old. Doesn’t matter how long you have been planting the same seed over and over again. The moment it blossoms, you feel the great kick. The happiness is real. Here are a few good things associated with farming:

1. Gardening can do wonders for your mental health

Getting in the dirt has a lot of pros. When you are setting up a farm and growing a spread of plants, you cannot shy away from mud and soil. This could turn into a pleasant experience when you stop thinking of it as a chore.

The earth is enriched with valuable microbiomes. Research proves that doing a little gardening every day can help you simmer off stress and enjoy improved mental health.

2. Access to naturally sourced, good quality food

Store-bought food items are rarely all-natural. The pleasure of feasting on foods that are grown organically, right before your eyes is matchless. Believe it or not, there is a marked difference in the taste as well. The produce is a lot more scrumptious, juicy, and tasty in its natural form. Consuming organic vegetables is a healthy practice.

3. Accomplish a deeper connection with the soil

Spending long hours in farming brings you closer to the soil. Putting in seeds or pulling out weeds, farming helps you treat everyday produce with greater respect. You learn a lot about the food chain and the efforts that go into growing plants. If you hadn’t cared enough before wasting your food in the past, you will now.

4. Gardening enhances your overall health

Toiling on the farm is no less than cardio. Little did you know, by getting in the dirt, you burn way more calories. Fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun contribute to your health and wellness.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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