When you know something is a good thing to do, it’s hard not to take an active part in the process and promotion of it.  Permaculture, while a very quiet and rather peaceful group of people, has their voice too. 

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Take a look through the following list to get an idea of what benefits there are to participating as a permaculture activist:

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  • Knowing that you are part of an important work – something bigger than yourself.  Taking care to work with the intelligence of nature and the built in wisdom of the earth, we can affect positive changes a little at a time.
  • Knowing you are providing a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren—instead of living in a short-sighted way for today and now, we can be a part of our children’s future by low impact living, gardening, and responsible use of resources.
  • Being part of a group that stands for less dependence on foreign oil and using domestic oil in a more responsible way—no need for the expensive fossil fuel guzzling trucks and machinery when you use permaculture techniques.  
  • Encourages less pollution due to less dependence on trucks used in transportation of food as well as equipment that uses fuel.
  • Being a voice in your community and eventually your state government can have a ripple effect once people realize it is not just an odd movement by “earth muffins” but a true and sensible way to live.
  • Allows you to participate in true revolution that positively affects the community and the world —growing of your own food is a satisfying pursuit and gives real power into your hand knowing that you can look out your back window and see your family’s food source right in your own yard.
  • Actively striving for better quality food—it makes sense that the food you grow on your own land will have better quality nutrition not to mention taste.  You have more control what goes on and in your soil.
  • Being ready to take a lead in your community when difficult times do come.  Your knowledge of permaculture will be at the very core of survival of whole neighbourhoods and surrounding communities.

While permaculture won’t rock the world, it can quietly infuse and give to hope to those who have so long lived in a selfish, push- button, disposable world.  You can be part of the biggest little movement in modern times.  And when the time comes, you and your children will be part of raising human awareness and education of men and women that survive the fall of the Industrial Era.

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Dominus Owen Markham


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