Urban homesteading pops up as a trending lifestyle choice. Are you eager to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try? It might be useful to get a clear picture of the concept first.

Urban homesteading is about self-sustenance. You cannot hop into a supermarket and purchase all your essentials for everyday use. Instead, homesteading promotes the idea of growing organic edibles and producing essentials items needed for living. In short, you have to be self-sustainable and depend more on environmental sources.

How comfortable are you in raising livestock? Can you continue with organic farming? When you are certain that you can deal with doing things on your own, homesteading sounds like a good idea.

The perks of homesteading

Homesteading is soon becoming a crowd-favorite for a reason. This lifestyle is incredibly beneficial in a lot of ways. Let’s look at a few:

  1. When you grow your own produce, you create a lot less waste
  2. There is a drastic cut down in the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy
  3. You can sense an increasing closeness with nature
  4. Health sees a great deal of benefits. Eating clean helps you stay fit and healthy
  5. Learn ways to conserve water
  6. Save big on expenses.

Little did you know that homesteading can help spruce up work ethics by large. When you are self-reliant, you have your hands full in being productive.

How to develop the urban homesteading mindset?

Don’t be a homesteader just for the heck of it. Having an unbending mindset is key. Here are a few things to help you foster a homesteading mentality.

  • Say goodbye to consumerism. Start reducing your purchases significantly
  • Learn more about sustainable lifestyle and start practicing in bits
  • Respect earth, soil, water, and everything nature has blessed us with
  • Adapting the skills of preparing and creating everything from scratch. At-least majority of essentials needed for living a healthy and good life
  • Share your skills and knowledge to support small local economies.

Who is an urban homesteader?

Not everyone living in the city and not making elaborate purchases are urban homesteaders. Residents practicing simple living and self-sufficiency in a convenient urban setup is an urban homesteader.

Homesteaders are also minimalists. The sooner you can stay away from consumerism, the easier you can switch into being a homesteader. Just clean the clutter you are surrounded with. If you think hard, there are only a few things you need to sustain. This saves you a lot of shopping trips and big money.

An urban homesteader believes in creating everything from the scratch. From harvesting crops and growing veggies to baking sour bread and preserving food, a homesteader does it all. Need eggs for breakfast? A homesteader raises laying chickens or has a settlement with a fellow homesteader in place.

Appreciating the real value of land is a “Must” trait in all homesteaders. Practicing animal husbandry, being a responsible steward of the land, stitching, and sewing textiles, switching chemical cleaners with natural cleaners are encouraged and practiced by urban homesteaders.

Homesteading is for the greater good of the environment and the community.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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