The thrill of putting up in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds adventurous, right? The life of a homesteader does not necessarily begin in a tiny coop in some rural land. Neither is homesteading all about farmlands and chickens.

Homesteading is better described as a mindset. Doesn’t matter if you are hanging hats in a chic apartment or in a rustic cabin farm, kick-starting with homesteading can be done anywhere. You need to be self-reliant or embrace the concept completely.

Does the life of a homesteader appeal big to you? Great! Let’s learn why homesteading is a beautiful idea.

Why should you homestead?

1. You can watch your money grow

Living a minimal and simple life ensures that you spend the slightest money to support your lifestyle. There are no worries about bad loans or bad debts. You spend very little from the amount you earn. The savings are big. Instead of focusing on what to replace, you have your eye glued on things that need mending. There are fewer bills to foot. Of course, you save a huge amount of money when you are homesteading.

2. Kiss goodbye to stress

Putting up with the hustles and bustles of everyday life can be overwhelming. When you are homesteading, your day looks a lot less burdensome. Your priorities are different and so are your goals. For instance, you can stop slogging to retain a high-paying job. There is no weight of responsibilities building up on your shoulder.

Simple living is not stress-free. However, it is less burdening. The chickens won’t wait before laying the eggs. Plants will wilt if you haven’t watered them. You being tired will not change anything. Isn’t this stress far better than your everyday hustles?

3. Figure the real connection with food

How long are you planning to chow down a plate of food without thinking about how it is being farmed and processed? When you start growing produce, you get a hang of what the farmers have been doing all their life. You start appreciating the community.

Homesteading allows you to understand everything about our food chain. Growing veggies, gardening, and farming crops is a happy feeling. It is described as therapeutic too. You can refrain from consuming artificial chemicals that are otherwise, available in heaps in your market-brought produce. The vegetables you grow are truly organic and contribute to good health.

4. Freedom from all things social

A surge in the price of dairy products. It does bother you, right? But, how is it going to affect if you milk a healthy cow and craft your own dairy stuff? Rather, you can feed the cow some extra, fine quality hay and get hands-on better quality milk without spending a dime extra.

Same goes for the costs of power. If you can source renewable electric power, you will never have to worry about the swanky power bills. Homesteading introduces a zillion ways to reduce your dependence on materials and businesses that thrive on consumerism.

The community of homesteaders is generous, amiable, and very giving. Living a minimalist life is not simple. But, the perks of homesteading are way too many.

Watch for my next homesteading posts…

Dominus Owen Markham

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