Are you torn between choosing a convenient lifestyle and a life that revolves around self-sufficiency? The switch is not easy! From the convenience of having everything at your fingertips to growing all things from the scratch, the decision is hard. Homesteading is not only about getting your fingernails dirty. You will toil in the soil, milk your cows, weave your fabric, and score up electricity using natural renewable sources. In short, you will be swamped with a zillion chores every day.

As laborious as it sounds, homesteading is the way to go forward. Unlike the hustles of your job life, homesteading makes you feel at peace and content, even when you have too many fishes to fry. Yes, you will be sweating it out under broad daylight but you won’t be running around like a maniac, trying to please the eggheads for a raise.

Homesteading encourages you to live a simple life. When you cultivate crops in your backyard, you are bringing food to your table. Not just any food. Vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits that are fresh, organic, and harvested by you. By knowing how to churn power from a natural resource, you are being self-sufficient by all means.

Let’s read how homesteading enriches lives.

Here’s a few reasons why you should say “Yes” to homesteading;

1. Learning the origin of your food becomes easy

When was the last time you tried tracking how the vegetables you buy were farmed and processed? Homesteading stresses the importance of sustainable farming. Since you will be growing most of the produce, you will learn about the knick and knack of farming.

Everyone prefers to resort to a clean and healthy diet nowadays. How do you know that harsh chemicals weren’t used when the veggies were being harvested? Is the poultry not being chemically treated? Studies are not very reassuring. It is only when you start growing your garden vegetables and raising healthy livestock, you know that the stuff you are eating is chemical-free and organically farmed.

2. The skills you earn last you a lifetime

Farming, animal husbandry, manufacturing, cooking, chopping firewood for use, and the list goes on. The skills you learn and embrace when you are homesteading remain with you forever. You can always use these skills to your advantage at any given time. Think about it – could you have imagined using not-so-popular renewable resources of energy for power consumption, if you had been living the comfortable and ordinary urban life? These skills help you enjoy a good life and prepares you if there’s ever a venture you would like to kick off.

3. Foods that are a treat to your taste buds

Yes, you learn about the food chain and how you grow them. But, the deliciousness of freshly cultivated fruits and veggies cannot be missed. The tasty, frothy milk, good quality poultry, and brown eggs with lustrous yellow yolk, can you miss listing these as perks of homesteading? Spending big money on ingredients cannot guarantee you the best taste. When you farm and create or raise your own produce, the taste is matchless and the feeling is unreal.

Homesteading involves a hundred jobs every day. On some days, you hit the ball out of the park, and then there are others, where you learn how to do a job. The point is, homesteading teaches you how to play hard and how to stay grounded and keep learning. It is one of the positives of homesteading that is no less than a life lesson.

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Dominus Owen Markham

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